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Kenif 08-25-2010 01:39 AM

amphitrite 43 Sloop Rigged?

Like the layout of the Amphitrite but not keen on ketch rigged.

Was a sloop rigged version available?


tdw 08-25-2010 03:13 AM

Don't think so.

Kenif 08-25-2010 05:42 PM


tdw 08-25-2010 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by Kenif (Post 636669)

Such is life grasshopper, such is life.

But but.....the A is a big old goofy girl not some anorexic flibbertigibbet. More Gillard's bloomers than Mad Monk's budgie smugglers. :eek:

Seriously though, If you like everything else about the thing then really you should be able to live with the ketch rig. Simply because the ketch is no longer the in thing in the chic world of yachting does not necessarily consign it the junk heap.

Tearing the rig out of an A and going high aspect masthead sloop is still not going to give you a round the cans express. Think stately progress and all that.

Nonetheless, you'll look fine at anchor, the mizzen gives you something to lean against and you get room to move down below.

As the good book almost certainly doesn't say "Thou shalt not have it both ways". :):)

(I apologise in advance for the Gillard/Abbott analogy. It was in poor taste :puke)

Kenif 08-25-2010 08:39 PM


I am almost ashamed of why I expressed interest in this boat.
I showed a picture to my wife who said 'I could live with that cabin'!!!

Stately progress - I could live with that.

I like Waq boats but get scared of what they cost down here.

tdw 08-25-2010 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by Kenif (Post 636712)

I am almost ashamed of why I expressed interest in this boat.
I showed a picture to my wife who said 'I could live with that cabin'!!!

Stately progress - I could live with that.

I like Waq boats but get scared of what they cost down here.

I must say that there are (to my mind) better looking centre cockpit designs. Van de Stadt do some nice ones as do Trintella (a VDS design). The sloping windows on the A are a bit weird really.

Waquiez are in the main wonderful boats. Very nice indeed.

btw...where did you see this advertised ?

Kenif 08-26-2010 07:27 PM

2nd attempt


Haven't seen one down here but i like the look.
I am interested in the Waqs as i like their designs and have heard good things about their form, fit and function. Not too popular down here and when they do appear are at the top end of the market. Interesting I think they are reasonably priced in the states (my observations and i could be wrong).

Yep, like the VDS designs including the 34 but once again aren't that popular down here and in some cases suffer the vagaries of the custom fitout.

i think you own a 34?

I am still in the early stages of my edumaction into boats however like a lot of people have a short list of boats. You never know if the right boat came up at the right price or the world pissed me off enuff to sail out the heads and turn left - you never know.

I know what my long term goal is and just have to sort out a few short term ones. dayboat to fluff about in, weekender for the bay or something that I can retreat to in a certain amount of comfort when required.



tdw 08-26-2010 08:14 PM


I am something of a believer in working one's way up. If you have little or no sailing experience taking on a 43'er might be a Chico Roll to far.

My previous boat was a 28'er which I weekended on and used for the occasional multi week cruise. To be frank about it I found her cramped. Galley too small to prepare serious meals, inadequate tankage and stowage space. That said she was a great education for me.

For various reasons, primarily work related, I sold her and was without a boat for nearly ten years.

When the itch became uncontrollable I decided that I wanted three things in my next boat.....inexpensive to buy, small enough to be easily handled by someone whose sailing skills were undoubtedly very rusty and large enough to be comfortable for , say, up to a month onboard.

I wanted inexpensive in case we really didn't get back into it. You are almost certainly going to lose money when you sell a boat, I figured my losses on circa $50.000 - $75.000 would be less than on $100.000 - $150.000. That was nearly six years ago and we still have her so that concern was unwarranted.

The Wombet had done very little sailing before we bought Raven. Virtually none at all as an active crew member. Initially therefore we were a rusty skipper essentially single handing a boat which at that stage was not really set up for it. I tell you it was hard at times and while I had been pushing for a 40'er initially, I was glad we had settled on 34.

Raven is quite comfortable for the two of us. We've cruised her part way up and down the NSW coast, live on her almost every weekend and in the main are quite happy for weeks on end. Head could have a bit more space as could the v-berth and given that I am a keen cook galley could always have more room but it could be damn site worse.

Conclusion...if I was on my lonesome I'd keep Raven and go off cruising. While the Wombet is still under the delusion that I make an acceptable partner, we'll be keeping an eye out for something a bit bigger. Both situations do take into account current financial position. If I had a few million burning a hole in my pocket who knows what I would do.

Oh yes...VDS's do suffer the vagaries of the home builder, but if you find a good one they can be very comfortable indeed.

Kenif 08-26-2010 09:05 PM


Thanks for the photo's.
Looks like a nice fit out.

I am lucky insofar as i can get a ride on a boat often.
I'm even allowed to skipper occasionally.

However I am getting that itch to go when I want to and not rely on others.

If the misses wants to join in then yep something comfortable is required because I could see three people rather than 2 on occasions.

If she doesn't a folkboat or something similar would suit me for a while.

All I need is stove, esky, and a portable. I used to spend enough time glamping so i can make myself reasonable comfortable.

I'm also not averse to spending a few sheckles on Charters if desired.

Thanks for your input.


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