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Re: Is insurance required to enter Bahamas?

I care so much for the other guy, that I would never and have never come close to ever hitting him. I care so much that I never move in tight quarters faster than I can fend off with a finger. I care so much that I use huge anchors and over sized chain, over kill chafe gear. I set them by hand and dive them morning and evening. I care so much that in over 20 years I've never come close to messing with some ones bizzness. I care so much for the other guy, that I made sure I was fully trained in the art of boat handling before I went out and started handling my boat. Insurance in a foreign country is a false senese of security. look at the trouble that CKtalons girl had last year when she got hit here in the states. They will fight it tooth and nail to find a way not to pay for your mistake. I've Never had insurance in the Bahamas on my boat, and don't recall ever being asked for it any of the marinas I pulled into. The irresponsable guy is the one zooming around the marina and anchorage, in gear when he's already moving forward at 3 time the speed he needs to be because he's a self taught sailor who can afford to be a ninkapoop because, what the @#!*% , he has insurance. he's the one who does'nt care enough about the other guy to move at bare steerage way. Insurance is minding what you are doing to insure that you don't do dammage to other peoples property.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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