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How about a Hardin 45 Thread

OK, before I get beat up, I know Hardin's aren't sexy, they aren't fast, they can't manuever in close quarters, and there was only about 160 44 &45's made, but Hardin built a lot of plans out of Taiwan, including sea wolf, Vagabonds, and I think some of the Taiwan Petersons etc; the 44, 45, and anything else that he could contract to build, there's probably 1000's of Hardin built boats out there. So my question to why isn't there something under BUILDER'S ROW for all us guys that own Hardin built boats where we can share info and what little documentation what little we have on the history and experiences on this boat?

Anyone can go to a commercial builder's site for any of the clorex bottle boats, but how about us guys that have some craftsmanship and tradition built into the boats? Nothing -Nada - zip - zilch.

So....HUH? are we owners being slighted by fast, sexy and plastic? From the commercial point of view, we're old, and we spend a hella ofa lot of money on our boats to keep up the electronics, sails, rigging, lot's of varnish, and all kinds of other stuff.

So the question is, why is this venerable old boat being slighted on the largest sail boat info network in the world?

feeling slighted on the Pacific coast.
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