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Re: Monohull What to do

Jim thanks for the post
As it is apparent i know very little about Monohulls
but to answer a few question

I am not locked in to any manufacture Catalina is one i have started to research some.
Wife likes the looks of hunters below the deck
and have very little knowledge of these boats.
My Basic Sailing skills are fairly solid. May years on Cat's and Windsurfing. Im not starting form completely Newbee but I have had enough time on water to know ( if you not been on that craft, you have a lot to learn)
Wife will let me have "some Wiggle room" on a boat to get a nice cabin, I ask how much her reply was maybe 40 to 45, if SHE loves it. But still planing on 35-38k ish when time to write the check

of your this list i can answer a few things

* Depth in your local sailing area
i have contacted a couple guys that sail on the river, I think they are in 28 and 31 foot boots, do not know keel on thier boats I forgot to ask. But they told me there is quite a bit of sailing traffic on the river, Actually it is to busy at times.
I am not sure of how low all the bridges are to the ocean but, for now I plan on staying inland until i get a very good feel of the boat and my skill limits, understanding her(boat) and the way she talks to me. Then, I can always slip her on the Ocean side. ( IF I EVER DECIDE THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO) If i have to step the mast to get her out on a One time trip to a ocean side slip thats ok. I need more info, but from the club said they have several regattas and many entries of boats 30 +, I assume they can sail them into the river for the regatta

I know my answers or vague but best i can do at moment
thanks bob

* Tidal swing
* Number of bridges in your area and their height, I think i can avoid most,
there are a few, Most are 65+, the first 3 i would have to pass are 120+ or draw bridge
To learn the boat I think that would work ok
* Primary intended use: day sailing, weekending or longer cruising?
Day Sailing Maybe a few over nights. The longest would be maybe down the coast line of FL MAYBE. but not till i have had the boat awhile and can feel the love from her reaction to various sailing. I like to know the feel of the boat. Be very proactive in sailing and less reactive.
* Typical number of expected people aboard?
2 adults 1 kiddo 11
* Engine type preference (inboard/outboard)?
I think I would like Inboard Prefer the lines of boat without it hanging off back
* Maximum length you'd consider?
Max is about 32 or 33 foot
* Minimum length you'd consider?
* Sleeping arrangements/cabin layout preference (e.g. dinette vs settee)?
all the boats I have researched are ok on cabins, Catalina and hunter and a few others
Just a place for 3 to sleep maybe 4 with a kiddo friend.
Dinette/ Settee dont care just want my coffee in morning( for me) and place to set a plate.
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