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Re: '81 Spirit 23 in Charlotte, NC

I'll try to get some more pics but the gist is a 2x4 with an eye bolt for the jib halyard to attach to, a winch that runs through the 2x4 and connects to the center cleat and the 2x4 sits against the pipe running across in front of the mast step. At the mast step there is a pipe running across that is held at each end by two winch straps. From the end of the pipe are two lines, one that runs to an eye bolt on the 2x4 and one that runs to a ring thing riveted to the mast. Those lines keep both the 2x4 and the mast from moving side to side. You can sort of picture it in the first picture above.

It actually works really well. I need to change a couple things to make it easier to set up, but once it is set up it just cranks the mast up in about a minute. You can stop in any position and move around if you need to get stays untangled or some such. I'm really happy with it.

The biggest change I want to make is to move the mast further down the 2x4 and put a pulley at the top. Right now when the 2x4 is straight up (either starting to raise or almost down) it is pretty hard to turn the pulley handle when it is 7+ feet in the air!

Also the PO had remove the lifeline stanchions previously and put cleats on. The stanchions are actually in a really good location though so when I put them back on I may look at getting rid of the horizontal pipe and connection directly to the stanchion. Position is important because the two smaller lines need to be roughly on an axis of the base of the mast so they maintain tension as the mast comes up.
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