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Re: This stuff drives me nuts....

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
I'm leaning towards the 'she's been submerged' idea.. hard to imagine the entire boat so uniformly covered like that, and the degredation below any other way...
Finally someone else looked at the photos of the interior. I see terrible stains on the inside of the boat, now where I am from when we have nice boats that we want to sell, we tend to not let the birds live in them during the period of time we are actually trying to sell the boat. So all of that interior damage has the earmarks of a boat that has been sunk and refloated, at least to me that makes more sense than just having left the hatchcover open for about a decade while it was anchored.

Heck, I cannot imagine a marina allowing that thing to deteriorate like that tied to a dock. I mean obviously if a boat is looking that bad the owner probably has not paid his bill lately if it was only due to neglect. Where I live you neglect to pay the bill and the marina will file a lean against the vessel and then put it up for sale. I understand that in some states here in the US that does not happen, but in most I think it does.

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