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Re: Yanmar hard starting question

3GM is probably much like 2GM. Because it has no glow plugs, mine was reluctant to start from cold until I learned the technique.

With sea water **** CLOSED, throttle CLOSED, crank it on compression for about 5 seconds. OPEN sea water ****, FULL throttle - and with one hand on the throttle to catch it before it over-revs - hit starter. As it fires and accelerates through 1000-1200 rpm, smoothly reduce throttle to a fast idle (about 1100 to 1200 RPM - any less and it will probably stall if it's really cold).

Maybe if the engine has been idle for a while you will want to initially turn it over (with the seacock CLOSED!) with the decompression lever actuated just to circulate the oil. But to get it running, it needs some heat in the cylinders, and the quickest way to get that without glow plugs is to crank it on compression for about 5 seconds before putting in fuel. Personally, I think that just cranking it gets the oil moving enough without the decompression thing being necessary. I only use the decompression lever after an oil change to make sure the filter is primed.

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