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Re: Yanmar hard starting question

I have a 2QM15, also without glow plugs. Your starting characteristics seem similar to mine.

Here's my method:

1. Crank for about 5 seconds with throttle closed. This pre-heats the cylinders from compression, but without loading up unburned fuel (which will cause smoking and fuel on the water when it starts).

2. Advance the throttle to full open, still while cranking. As engine begins to catch, pull back on the throttle to avoid high revs. Settle into a moderate idle, and observe oil pressure rise and cooling water flow.

I keep the seacock open for this entire evolution (I don't like running the impeller dry), but be careful of excessive cranking with the seacock open, since you'll eventually fill the exhaust line and muffler with water and it will enter your engine.

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