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Re: Yanmar hard starting question

Originally Posted by deniseO30 View Post
If you had a tractor with a yanmar, you would use this LOL


Pretty dangerous on a boat imho.
There really is nothing at all wrong with having glow plugs on a boat, most diesels from other manufacturers do have them. Yanmar chose to leave them off on their older models for who knows what reason, however, the newer Yanmar engines have the glow plugs, and no compression release valves. Small diesels under 10 liters generally have them, except for the very small and the very old ones. All automotive diesels currently installed in cars for sale in the US that I know of have them, and I believe that is the way they come worldwide.

Even though you may think having fuel and heat come together in the same place sounds like a bad idea, it is the only way you get combustion, which is kind of important in the internal COMBUSTION engine. The trick is that the combustion stays internal, and the Yanmar glow plug does not risk external combustion any more than any other glow plug system would do.

This is a UNiversal/ Westerbeke pencil type glow plug. All Universal/Westerbeke engines use them, though the type and style vary. Unfortunately I have not seen a way to install glowplugs on the Yanmar Marine Diesels.


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