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Re: Composting Toilets vs. Holding Tank

Originally Posted by casey1999 View Post
Can someone with "compost toilets" explain the following:

1. Can you put toilet paper in the composter? What if someone uses a lot of toilet paper- what happens?

2. What if a crew member has diarrhea? Seems like that would be a mess.

#1 - You can put TP in the composter, but it will fill up faster. The other thing to consider is if you dump your compost in the woods (like me) or out at sea, you don't want to be leaving paper there. We use a small garbage can with lid lined with a plastic bag for all paper. When it's full we just tie it and dispose of it with our trash.

#2 - This may be a problem as it might not go directly in the hole to the composting chamber. We always keep a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of vinegar solution beside the toilet just in case anyone "misses". Hasn't happened so far

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