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Re: Hot boat models

Originally Posted by mitiempo View Post
Hinckley is one of the few boats that have enough of a cult following that their older models sell for an amount that would be crazy if they were any other brand/builder in the same condition. Good boats certainly but any 30 or 40 year old boat has issues and Hinckley is no exception. In today's depressed market there are great values out there but 99% need work. To pay several times as much for an older Hinckley than for a comparable boat without the cache of the name doesn't make sense really."

I have owned two older Hinckleys. Currently own a 1976 B40 Mark III sloop. Not just a cult :

From Practical Sailor re the Hinckley Bermuda 40 :
"Critics are quick to complain that other builders produce boats that are just as good for less money.More often than not,these sentiments are just sour grapes from people who can't afford a Hinckley or even a different brand of comparable quality.While we acknowledge that there are a few builders around the world which build boats to the same exacting level,Hinckley is nonetheless unique in North American boatbuilding."
Practical Sailor concluded:
"Obviously,Hinckleys aren't for everyone.They are expensive and only you can decide whether the many little quality details are worth the cost. As one owner said,"The B40 is to be bought on the day that the full significance of 'you only have one life to live' becomes clear."

Jack Horner wrote in his boat review:
"The Bermuda 40 is a quintessential example of Tripp's art and masterful eye for near-perfect balance.I think it can be said safely that this boat has stood the test of time,and,although the design is now 40 years old,many people,myself among them,still consider the Bermuda 40 one of the most beautiful yachts afloat."
In conclusion Hornor writes:
"The bottom line is these are very expensive boats,but they do retain their value exceptionally well and under some market conditions may even appreciate in value.They're out of my range of affordability but I can still dream of someday being able to own one or,better yet,design a boat of such lasting beauty."

Ferenc Mate' wrote of the B40 :
"without question the greatest fiberglass boat of all time"

John Kretschmer wrote in his Used Boat Notebook:
If you have $150,000 to spend,would you rather have a beautifully reconditioned 1975 B40 or a new 32 foot ABC production boat ? Which boat will be worth more in five years ? Which boat would you rather sail ?
He also writes "From the recessed,frameless portlights to the custom-made stainless steel deck fittings,to the lovely toerail,the boat drips with quality."

These are very well built boats.
Amen!! It is all in the details.... I work on quite a few Hinkley's & Morris Yachts and can say that without a doubt they are multiple notches above even other "premium" build boats..

The devil is in the details and you can takn almost any item on the boat, starting with the keels, and see vast differnces in build.......

Morris 36 Fin Keel - 13 Over sized keel bolts ON A DAY SAILOR!

Typical 36' Production Boat - 5 Bolts

This keel weighs 400 pounds more than the Morris Keel and uses 5 less keel bolts that are considerably smaller...

I would own a B-40 or Morris Justine in a heart beat.......

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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