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Re: composting toilet-should we do it

Another too-long post vanished into the ether. sigh. I will try again. What was the question?
Oh, yes. the construction of the head is readily apparent on the website. Essentially, the bucket and gallon jug fit snugly inside the waterproof box that forms the base of the toilet. A molded elongated plastic bowl fits atop both. It is hinged at the back. The rear opening in this bowl is maybe 5 inches in diameter, and goes into the bucket. The bowl slopes forward to a smaller spout that fits neatly into the gallon jug. Another hinged flat layer covers the bowl, and has an expanded sort of keyhole opening to the bowl. There is a small cover that fits atop the opening to improve the ventilation draft, perhaps.The toilet seat lowers onto that. so, there are three hinged layers to lift for cleaning and removal of the bucket or jug, which can be easily accomplished with one hand. The churning crank is inserted from the top through the hole in all three layers.

I keep a spray bottle of bathroom cleaner or vinegar water beside the toilet paper and use it for basic routine cleaning. Due to the configuration of the bowl, perhaps, skid marks haven't yet been a problem, but suspect we could manage to deal with it using aforementioned products, being reasonably-good problem-solvers.

Diarrhea may require the addition of a little extra peat/coir/sawdust or whatever desiccating medium is used. (I asked!) Vomiting can be handled similarly, but is said to be best accomplished either over the side or into a plastic-bag lined bucket or trashcan.

Sandy Graves, the manufacturer, offers several sizes and configurations, including slanted bulkhead models, stepped ones, ones to fit in a pointy bow or corner, as well as the standard flat one. Drawings and dimensions are on his website at The standard base is 18", but the slanted one is 15" long.
For the definitive answer on custom jobs, Sandy is the one to ask, and seems very pleasant.

Hope all that is of some use.

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