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Hello! Newcomer here looking for advice!

Hello there,
I'm going to introduce myself first to this amazing community.
I'm a 27yo guy from São Paulo/Brazil who has quite a lot of experience as a backpacker.
I traveled all around Europe (Western)/Americas(US - Florida and East Coast, Canada - Toronto, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Belize, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile). I've been to Egypt, Israel and India as well. And a lot of 4x4w hard terrain drive and rallying all around Brazil.
I like to do trekking, diving, camping, so I have quite the adventurous spirit.
Recently I've been to Abrolhos-BA which is a archipelago 45 miles off the coast. A place to see whales and do a bit of diving. The place was amazing, but what most caught my attention and made me think a lot about my life as a whole, was the fact that we sailed all the way from the dock to a marine reserve, where there is no hotels so we slept on a 32 feet sailboat over 3 nights of pure joy.
That was last year, but that life-changing experience made me realize i want to dedicate my life to became a sailor.
Most non-brazilians probrably don't know Amyr Klink, he has been quite the influence on me since i was a little boy. His adventures include going to Brazil to Africa on a Rowboat called "lampada" and the circumnavigation around the Antarctic, back in the 80's when all of it was potentially life-threatening.
So, I'm financially comfortable (not enough to just trow money away), I have a fixed income from investments in real-state. And i have a savings account, so together with the money I can get from selling my car, I can buy a blue water ocean cruiser to enjoy with my friends and family.
Buying the boat in Brazil is not a possibility, with an average of 40%VAT over imported products and the cost of shipping it from Europe or North America, it would make it financially impossible.
The good news is I have Portuguese citizenship, that means I can buy the boat in Europe/North America, register under Portuguese flag, using my relatives address, and bring it to Brazil.
I already looked up a sailing school in Croatia that will teach both basic/advanced skills, Navigation sailing and then I plan on training around the Mediterranean/Black Sea for 6 months before venturing into open ocean.
I'll start the the course ASAP with ultra-sailing in Croatia, so my departure is due to middle of the spring season.

So now is when I start asking for help.

First and foremost: My budget starts at US$ 250.000,00 and can't go over much
Equipment-specific related to the boat I should start looking for:
1. <42ft. or <50ft. keeping in mind possible severe weather conditions and long therm storage. Keel type?
2. Rig Configuration, what kind of gear I should look for? Winches: Electronic? User-friendly?
3. Engine Power and fuel consumption (assuming its a diesel) => Independent Power Generator? Possible upgrade to solar panel and/or wind turbine?
4. Central Air Conditioner? (I do want the comfort, and some places around this tropical country is a living hell.)
5. Safety equipment?
6. Easy docking?
7. Nav. Standard equipment? Radar/VHF/Auto-pilot and so on...
8. Bow thruster?
9. Holding tanks/fuel capacity?
10. Water Maker?
11. Special anti-fouling painting for endurance possibly over a year w/o maintenance?
Whatever else I might be forgetting...

Other aspects to consider:
I don't intend to spend nothing more with decoration/repairs/refurbishment.
I have time to come up with a list of good deals, since the ship is due to be bought in September.
I would also prefer the "owner layouts" prioritizing space and comfort over sheer passenger capacity.
Perfect for me:
1 Master en-suite cabin with head and 1 room with bunker beds, 1 washroom. 1 tiny office. Lots of space for the kitchen/saloon.
Keep in mind a lot of possible bad weather conditions and overall haul/equipment stress on the ship until I reach the maintenance dock here.
What's your take on this situation? I never faced this before nor met someone willing to do it. But it should work as long as I don't skip upgrading any essential long-range/safety equipment.

That'd be all for now.

I appreciate any extra information you can provide,
Yours sincerely, and thank y'all,

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