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Re: composting toilet-should we do it

Originally Posted by amelia View Post
We like the little compressed bricks of coir. A year's supply fits in a shoebox. And as we have been installing pretty cypress tongue and groove paneling, we have quite a supply of pleasant smelling sawdust and shavings, which I scoop up from under the saw table and put in gallon ziplock bags. Two of those last us for weeks.
Hauling a gallon jug of urine up to the bathroom at the marina isn't that hard. I wouldn't dream of dumping a jug of sterile urine overboard, any more than I could imagine someone more conveniently plumbed taking a perfectly legal leak over the lee rail. My gallon of recycled iced tea usually goes on my own azaleas, and they appreciate the nitrogen.
Switching to a composter was one of the best head decisions I ever made. I would never consider going back to a traditional head. I use the material from under old moss covered logs as a composting agent ,in a cloth bag made from the leg of old jeans, which I dry behind my stove. As there is plenty around here,, there is no need to carry much. Definitely no mess problem with it. A table spoon of dry swiimming pool bleach eliminates any odour.
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