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Re: composting toilet-should we do it

Hello! What a strange and hostile response! When I was a child, I was taught to eat what I took on my plate, to politely and quietly decline what I could not eat, and never ever to make an issue of it, under any circumstances. That is so not done these days. Everybody is a prima donna, entitled to dictate and pass judgment on the menu. As a result, despite the fact that I used to like to cook and entertain, I don't give many formal dinner parties anymore, because I simply cannot keep up. It is just too confusing to plan a lovely menu that will accommodate everybody's whims and fashionable sensitivities. Who will or won't eat what, and who will feel as if the menu needs their personal prior approval? I am too old to prepare a different main course for every guest to cater to their needs. When I first began to entertain, if you couldn't eat shrimp, you didn't. If you were on a diet, you passed the plate on by, or just took a tiny taste.

Flexibility, gracious appreciation, and willingness to accede to the customs of the home--or boat-- in which one finds oneself seem to be hopelessly out of fashion. I equated this personal-preference-as-diktat to the need to design the head and its infrastructure to accommodate some hypothetically hyperfastidious guest's hypothetical head hangups. What an odd leap that we somehow discuss bathrooms at the table. We don't, and if you do, you may be excused from the table. :roll eyes:

Furthermore, even if your head and your foul holding tank makes your whole boat smell like a poorly kept privy, I wouldn't dream of mentioning it, or making a scene. Doesn't seem like too much to ask the same courtesy in return. I might suggest, though, that if you are so repulsed by my desiccating head, that you take care to go in a more acceptable facility before boarding my vessel.
THANK YOU ! ! Well said. Bravo

You home is your castle. While in other people's castle's show some respect.
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