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Re: composting toilet-should we do it

OK, call it that. Your post sounded quite dismissive of a number of serious problems. I'm not talking about the prima donnas who insist that they won't drink Coke they only drink Pepsi, I'm talking about guests who may have serious dietary issues, and it sounds like you're saying "TFB" if your menu poisons them.

Take it or leave it? No, if I'm having guests at home or afloat, I make reasonable accommodations. They can't specify the cut of meat but if I knew they were vegans, I sure as hell wouldn't tell them "Tonight's dinner is steak, eat it or go hungry." And if they had peanut allergies, I sure as hell wouldn't tell them "Lunch is PBJs, if you don't like it call out for your own pizza."

Now if you want some real head worries, find one of the WW2 submarines that is open for display and tours and read the extensive instructions showing how to operate the head (while submerged) without sinking the boat, or blowing the sewage tank back into it.

If all you have is a Turkish Toilet, great, but you might want to let the guests know ahead of time. Or, at least hand them a Sears catalogue before you send them in.

Food allergies and digestive disorders can be major life issues, dismissing them outright is like saying you'll undo the whole ADA, ban wheelchairs from public spaces, and set the world back fifty years on "accommodation" for folks with real handicaps. Which these are.
You must be a lawyer.
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