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Had one with an A4, hated it and put in a small diesel. Lots of people will defend them to their death, as an ex-A4 user I am kind of like an ex-smoker in my opinion of them.

Reasons as I see them.
1. Gasoline and spark - bad combination in a space that has no natural air flow.
2. Generally considered simple to maintain by people who understand gas engines. In reality they are more difficult to maintain than a diesel which is dirt simple. They will break down more often also because more things can fail.
3. A gas engine burns at least 4 times more fuel that a diesel, cost is not really an issue but range is a big issue.

The good part is there are a lot of them out there, and if you take responsibility to run a blower for a while prior to starting the engine, service it and completely understand how to keep it running it will work fine for a day sailor. As you can tell I am a big fan of the diesel in boats.

Now for all those who will defend the infamous Anemic 4.
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