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gotta weigh in.

I don't mind EITHER way. but do not thumb your nose at the atomic- (anemic)-4
There were over 40,000 of them installed in sailboats.

While there may be more diesels than a-4's installed given the total number of boats NO diesel Mfr can boast that number of installs.

Ok, the gasoline boom factor.

Please find for me ANY case where ANY sailboat has gone kablooey because of gas fumes related to refueling, or ANY gasoline fire caused directly by an atomic-4.

Yea, the motorboaters have some issues with gasoline. Please remember the differences between a sailboat and a motorboat. Most motorboats use barrels of fuel. 50-100 gallons is nada, nuttin' for a day. This alone increases the chances for fire. I've beat this horse long enough.

1. Gasoline and spark - bad combination in a space that has no natural air flow.

Bull. There is plenty of air flow. At least two sources. Plus a blower.

2. Generally considered simple to maintain by people who understand gas engines. In reality they are more difficult to maintain than a diesel which is dirt simple. They will break down more often also because more things can fail.

again, bull. I can cite many examples, choose not to, this isn't a urination contest.
Diesels may be easier to maintain, although please review the water pump installation process for a perkins 4-108, or, oh, tell me again easy it is to bleed your fuel system after you change the fuel filters? Lets see, instead spark plugs, you have glow plugs, instead of a distibutor cap, you have a high pressure fuel pump. Instead of plug wires, you have many feet of high pressere fuel lines and causes for failure at each end. (just like a plug wire.)

We're not even going to go into the relative cost factors. injectors @ 100.00, fuel filters @ 15.00 ea vs. 50.00 tops for a full tune up on an A-4.

3. A gas engine burns at least 4 times more fuel that a diesel, cost is not really an issue but range is a big issue.
If you're interest is "range" you're not looking at a boat with an A-4 anyway.

Please don't buy the red-herring argument of unleaded gas harming the valves on a engine designed for leaded fuel.

If you were running the motor at continuous WOT for hundreds of hours, yes, you MAY burn a valve. Doubtful, very improbable due to the duty cycle these engines see.

I own both. I like both, for different reasons. I do not Discount an a-4, nor do I "mark-up" a diesel.

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