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Originally Posted by USCGRET1990
After 20 years, I have sooo many cases in point, it's unreal. One big one that comes to mind: A young fellow was "blue water" sailing with his family. They had some sort of problem (I ferget what) and their 50' s/v sank. We found his (dead) five young children floating. They had on square life cushions (throwables) backwards, hence floating face down. Putting their little lifeless bodies onboard brings tears to my eyes still, 37 years later.
sad story indeed, but would licensing have made a difference? or would we put that in the common sense boater safety category?

Edit: damn SD, wish you wouldnt have lit my fires. but IE: the street racers here in vegas are licensed drivers. that doesnt keep them from flying down Flamingo blvd on a saturday night at 120 mph. hitting bus stop patrons, pedestrians and so forth. yeah they have a license but theyre still retards...maybe we should up the drivers license fee to $1400. think it'll solve anything? i dont think so. a tard is a tard is a tard!

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