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I'm not suggesting that your partner is a wanker, but there seems to be a inordinate number of them in the boating world. Here on Hilton Head Island nearly everyone with a Sea Ray is thorough-going jackass, and that wouldn't change if they had to take a boating course. It's not that they lack common sense, but that they lack manners, everyday kindness, patience, and every other virtue. The sailing community is certainly an improvement on these pieces of boat trash, but I've heard too many sailing ****heads yelling at their wives when trying to anchor to make any hard and fast claim of their superiority. This is off topic, but you should write a book about cruising with kids. I'd buy it.

Thank you for the very kind comment on cruising with kids (which reminds me I owe someone here a thread on Cruising with kids...). Hopefully more publications coming out soon. Lots of childrens books I hope! (SShhhh, top secret!). We will see. And to your other comment:

My business partner is A WANKER!!!! THat is the nicest thing I will say on a public forum where kids could read what I really would like to write. Just a word of warning to all of you: Just because you business partner with someone does not mean they are not a... well... I will not write it. But that is another story I come here to get away from... so back to the subject:

After 20 years, I have sooo many cases in point, it's unreal. One big one that comes to mind: A young fellow was "blue water" sailing with his family. They had some sort of problem (I ferget what) and their 50' s/v sank. We found his (dead) five young children floating. They had on square life cushions (throwables) backwards, hence floating face down. Putting their little lifeless bodies onboard brings tears to my eyes still, 37 years later.
Man, that one brought tears to my eyes USCG. Ouch. I cannot imagine seeing that. I will tell you that is always our biggest fear with the kiddos. We are quite a bit more safety conscious, but as has been said before, the Sea is Unforgiving.

I took the boaters safety course. It is a joke, really and is not worth the time. I think it dropped my insurance... but I honestly think it needs a lot of revamp.

The issue that is hard for many of us to understand is that many of these people on the water WOULD NOT PASS A BOATERS LICENSE. Make them be able to get their boat IN and OUT of the slip (like parallel parking). Make them know their systems and know their boat. Make them understand all the safety aspects. HOW ABOUT MAKING THEM TAKE A VHF EDIQUITE COURSE!!!! (or just how to use the bloody thing... like not interupting a Mayday to talk to Johnny... which I have heard). How about learngin the rules of the road and keeping their tub between the markers and what the markers mean. Basic navigation.

I find many-most of the boaters out there do not have a CLUE about that. When my partner plows through the ICW on a half plane he cannot see what is in front of him. What if it was you on a day sailor???

I think there should be a limit on what does and what does not get certified... like why certify a canoe??

Anyways, wouldn't that save lives??

- CD
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