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Re: B24 (sailstar model) fix her up or else, HELP!

Originally Posted by prettyredcars View Post
Well, It looks like other people have shamelessly begun their B24 restoration blogs here and I have a feeling everyone here is far more interested than Facebook so I may as well begin right?

February and January: After two cases of bronchitis, one jeep break down by the side of the LIE and the impulsive decision to chop off the rest of my hair with kitchen scissors, I managed to completely gut my forward cabin, relocated all removable wood work, gear and the water tank in to my living room, and opened up the keel so that it has continuously has been draining. If it wasn't for the fact that I spent most of my teenage winters sporadically homeless on the streets of New York City I probably would have unloaded my flare gun into the bilge, dumped all my gear in the sound and moved to Kansas. So thanks to my misspent youth I have cockroach and twinkie like survival abilities and ample long underwear. I also my friends who are endlessly entertained by supporting my adventures and boyfriend who lovingly ensures that I am always well supplied with good whiskey to thank for the past two months. That all said, grinding fiberglass in 10 degree weather was a character building experience that I would enthusiastically volunteer to be keel hauled from the staten island ferry before ever experiencing again.

March: As we fly through the month I am beginning the first steps of rebuilding in leu of much demolishing. This week I prepped the laz to install building styrofoam trapezoidal strips i cut to become fiberglass reinforced ribs over the area where the jack stands slightly warped my hull. on the outside I will be grinding down the area about 1/8 inch and filling the area with a couple layers of fiberglass and epoxy. Its extremely shallow so its more of a cosmetic and precautionary measure than anything, so I'll probably take my time on that one. The ribs however are being installed next week as long as the weather holds over 40degrees. Both bulkheads are also now removed and the overhead is being supported by a jack post. Next week if I have help coming with my (my friends have been signing up to come out now that the weather is turning) I will create epoxy "boots" around the chain plates. I got the idea from good old boat and will post the article when I can post pictures or find it online, which ever comes first. The actual plates are then going to be installed in heavily reinforced flanges until I can afford ply for new bulk heads and decided where they will be installed as I am debating various alliterative interior plans of my own devising. Pictures all to be added soon.

Questions for you all:

What are your preference for replacing balsa core: epoxy injection or fresh balsa? Is it possible to use building styrofoam? I was looking at what I use for stringers and it looks about the right width but I haven't come across any instance of someone using it.

Is it possible to create to much rigidity to the hull with stringers and interior furnishing? And if it is possible, what should I look out for to know Im going a little to far with the installations?

Has anyone here had to re-bed/reinforce their mast step from below deck and what are your suggestions?
epoxy injection is purely a kludge. It works for a while, but is brittle and if it does flex will crack. Stryofoam will not work as it has little strength. If you want it to last you have to replace it, and epoxy injection will make the eventual replacement hard, if not impossible. There are some alternative cores you can use. Our member Caleb has a nice write up of what he did on his Tartan 27:

2013, May 2nd. Re-core work party. | Odalisque

I am sure if it were stiffened up too much then you might cause stress cracks, and or ridges in the hull. If you just strengthen what is there you should be good.
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