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Re: Repowering - Newer engine models

Originally Posted by UnionPacific View Post
75HP's are about 18,000 from both vendors.
Turbo's are fine as long as they are low pressure. Replace them at 2500-3000 hours thou to be safe. If one fails, it can take the engine out with it. MAke sure the engine you buy is IDI not DI. For goodness sake, DI in a boat is a disaster waiting to happen. OH, turbos are cheap. (3-400)
That's Interesting, I guess different browsers, give different pricing..... the RadMarine link, depending on Transmission choices range from $ 13,875.00 to 16,308.00 USD.

As far as the comments about Indirect Injection, VS Direct Injection... I guess that's a matter of Opinion, but IDI has just about been completely abandoned at this point. I don't see why having either in a marine environment would mater.

A good discussion of it is located here: IDI vs DI Diesel Engines

Yanmar Turbos at around 3- 400 bucks? You should stock up on those.

I'm sorry to regress here, but one of the reasons I restrain myself from posting in most of the blogs is that people prefer not to contribute to the OP's thread topic, but rather to to seize upon the opportunity to use the thread to attack other posters ( sometimes in the most gentle way), and by doing so, show how much of an "expert" they are. The OP is posing a question, and looking for Opinions from other members.... at least in this case.... not offering up a debate between others. I was hoping to contribute to the OPs query... again, I'm sorry for my regression, but sometimes I just can't let it go.
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