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Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
Having purchased the boat last year and the wife complaining about the "level of comfort" we have just had our cushions re-done by an upholsterer. What the wife had been sleeping (and we thought were okay) turned out to be 2" vinyl-covered rubber cushions that were so far gone it was actually more comfortable slleping on the plywood bunk base!

After several trips from his workshop out to see us and much discussion over thicknesses, fabrics, foams etc., instead of the "traditional" 4" soft foam, we finally agreed on 3" high-density foam with a cushion-backed velour (car seat fabric) cover as being cheap, but comfortable.

The foam he used was interesting stuff (apparently there have been many advances in "foam technology" in the last few years). The new foams allow water to "pass-through" and the velour allows the cushion to "breathe" - something which the old vinyl didn't, as demonstrated by the amazing amounts of mildew inside when he ripped open the covers.

Hey, it might not last 20 years.. but hopefully we'll have a bigger boat by then!

Ref the new fangled foam types you may well be right. Have to admit that it's been awhile since I was involved in furniture and upholstery so I am more than likely out of date. I guess the point is to go with the best you can find. It's not just a matter of the cushions lasting but being comfortable.

Hey, we did get a bigger boat before then so it's all good. Except for the damn cushions which need improvement. grumble grumble.

ps - When does the Hartley season start in Vic ? Port Phillip must give a bit of exciting sailing in a TS. In Sydney they race just off where we moor. Good to watch, particularly in a blow. Must be due to start racing again soon.

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