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Re: New fuel spouts SUCK!!!!

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Beware of using water containers for gasoline. Yes, they work. I know a charter skipper who was tickled pink when I found him some 15-gallon "water" tanks to carry extra fuel, free.
But water tanks, gasoline tanks, diesel tanks, are all made from different plastics. The water tanks should be food safe, but they won't withstand the solvents in gasoline. They'll harden and crack way faster than gasoline cans. Similar problems with diesel, the plastic is specifically designed to resist the fuel.
Gasoline, btw, is a witches brew of some 60 components including butane, heptane, other gasses and high end solvents, not just the naphtha base. In a pinch, sure, anything will do. But in the long term? You want a real gasoline can from a manufacturer who does't just "make 'em red" for that. A crack in an aging gasoline can can really ruin your day.
might be true but mine have been going strong for years....

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