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Re: Another Navy ship collision. 10 "missing"

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Rich, have you sailed Singapore Straits and Malacca Straits? (or the English Channel that I did for the first time a few weeks ago).

They are too busy for old fashioned hairy eyeballs. These navy ships have disruptive radar signatures built into their topsides design, let alone their electronic disrupters. Plus not tx'ing the AIS position... And the other shipping is flat out reading the host of other clear signatures how the hell can they divert?

When I crossed the English channel a few weeks ago, at night, I had to select one break in the traffic and hammer it to do the 5 miles at right angles. At the end of that hour I could see I would have 5 (Five) ships abreast bearing down on me. But they could "SEE" me... And divert if I screwed up.

No one can see Navy ships if they refuse to transmit AIS is busy areas. (or a virtual radar signal)

When a navy ship is on patrol up North Korea way its fine to be full tactical... But the busy shipping lanes off Japan and Singapore has shown twice the folly of this insanity.

No man can do these areas just by being old fashioned. They must use electronics nowadays
I understand completely what you're stating. Ive had similar episodes of
'dark' ships in the quite busy Florida Straights.
On one recent night crossing the Gulf Stream, I had to heave-to and wait for well over an hour and a half before I had a safe enough 'hole' to pass through the constant line of ships - in 2 directions. Interestingly, I put out several securité calls to let everyone know exactly where I was .... not one acknowledgement. Two of the ships had no AIS and minimal marker/nav lights. When hove-to I finally turned on every damn light on the boat so maybe someone would see me and not feel me.

And this isn't restricted to just surface ships as Ive had second person testimony of a boat having its bottom ripped out one night (1988-89) .... and it probably wasn't a sunken shipping container as the person supposedly claimed that a noticeable 'lifting' wave immediately proceeded the 'hit'. Boat sank in less than 1-2 minutes well off the area east of Jacksonville/Fernandina Florida - the location of 2 nuclear submarine installations.
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