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Re: Another Navy ship collision. 10 "missing"

We are all entitled to our own opinions, Troy, but not our own facts. "Paranoid conspiracy theories"? Certainly there are many crazy ones afloat the ‘internets’ (GWB), but the incidents I mentioned, though all officially denied, are now proven to all with at least two neurons and a working synapse. If you'd like to debate any or all of them, game on! Do you deny the existence of false flag operations? Or is it that our 'evil gub'ment' (your term) is incapable of foisting them upon our oh-so gullible citizenry? Or both? I self-labeled as a conspiracy realist, and I stand by that term, because I live in the real world, not some fanciful creation I wish was true.
I originally said that I smelled a skunk after two of our destroyers inexplicably got t-boned in the last two months by freighters (first time in our ‘modern-day’ history??), and especially so, now that there is a fleet-wide stand-down/pause and the Fitzgerald's CO and some senior crew have been blamed and sanctioned so quickly (not unlike the Admiral who was officially blamed for allowing the Pearl Harbor attack to take place). Will they be exonerated or should they be? I don’t know. All I know is that it has happened in the past many times, usually long after the accusatory damage was done and innocent lives and careers were ruined. Others have previously opined that they question whether we’ll ever find out what really happened, and I stand with them, too. Please tell me, what is it exactly Troy, that got your panties twisted so tight?
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