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Re: Cal 25-2 (cal 25mkII) Upgrades Just FYI for Cal 25-2 Owners

In my view it is a great boat. We have sailed her for several thousand miles over the last 5 years. Our longest trip was 400 miles. We usually sail it about 50 times a year. We keep the boat in the New York Harbor.

1. Points well (if you have the correct sheeting for the jib)
2. flat bottom means she sails very well downwind. we use a large/flat spinnaker from a corsair 27 flown on a 3' bowsprit. We have surfed at 9.5 kts on a regular basis. (with full main/stay sail in 20+ kts)
3. light weight, so very easy to dock single handed.
4. deep keel and wide beam means she is not tender even though she is light weight for her size.
5. Huge cabin, you will not find a larger cabin on a boat of this size.
6. I have found the boat to be solid and well constructed.

1. Upwind in chop this boat slams pretty bad. (light weight and flat bottom) Not too bad if you can be heeled over at 15 degrees, but very bad for motoring.
2. While the boat is not tender, we change head sails on a regular basis because the boat has a relatively narrow sweet spot up wind (likes to be heeled at about 12-15 degrees. More than that, and you will slow down) for this reason we carry 4 head sails and we use all of them on a regular basis (135, 120, 90, stay sail flown on a removable baby stay). The boat has a flat bottom with a pretty hard chime, so it digs in a little and she sails well, when it digs in a lot it slows down, and any more you slide sideways.
3. Small stock main. We put a larger main with full battens so we could get more weather helm and point a bit higher. If you use a standard full main and 130 jib, the boat will be neutral, with occasional lee helm.
4. light weight standing rigging, not bad if new, but I would check it.
5. Stock running rigging and sail handling hardware inst great for single handling, however that is an easy upgrade.

Over all, It is the best boat I have owned (I've have owned 7). I have looked at buying others that would sail a bit faster, such as the Olson 30 or j29, however, the comfort of the cabin is tough to beat, so we keep enjoying the 25-2.

Hope this helps.
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