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Re: Custom Built On-board PC / Boatputer Advice

Originally Posted by snokid View Post
You said you retired!!! I was a truck driver for 32 years no way in heck I want anything to do with trucks ever again!!! You also said it was going to be a live aboard/cruiser and talked about RV's... Do you want to spend your time in beautiful places playing on a PC? why retire? I know it sounds harsh but time for a change, enjoy the retirement!!!

That picosupply has a petty low output seems like you want a higher end desktop don't think it's enough power to run a system like that.

Nice looking boat btw....


You have a point! Though everyone's retirement is relative and it's slightly misleading for me to use the word at all I guess. I'm 36 and using the word as in - i'm done working for corporate America in the sense of the large public companies putting in 80 hours a week (I started that at 17 years old), selling my soul to Evil Corp. Ya, whatever you pictured about guys like me from watching "The Intership" it's somewhere between that, Wolf of Wallstreet and Mr. Robot in reality. A lot of us quit in our late 30s with enough investments to sustain us. Some of us got fired with multi-million dollar termination packages, bought a ranch, vinyard or something and never looked back. I'm somewhere in the middle. I will always be a software engineer at some level. Just hoping to find peace in it without all of the negative, soul killing influence of being part of the big machine. Sailing over the last few years has become a passion, something my wife and I have decided to spend at least a few years doing while the kids are still young. Even so, maybe you're right though. And I'm not 100% sure how busy my new full time cruising life is going to be with just taking it all in. Even so... I have some apps I've written which are going to partially support the sailing budget. I have to continue supporting those when it comes up.
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