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Re: Custom Built On-board PC / Boatputer Advice

32 gb ram not much on cpu video also not great, but I agree less power needs than a laptop....

I do envy you 36 and going on a partial retirement.

Looks like you have done some sailing, have you owned a big boat before?

Seems like there's always something to do/fix....

I know when I go out I'm not bored for sure!!!

Sitting on the hook at night I can see some down time to play on the pc though.

If you are just supporting some apps pretty much any pc will do and the nuc would be a good choice, otherwise I stand by what I said about high end gaming laptops. The type of photography I did/do I shot the event and while at the event an assistant would cull and do quick edits to get the story up, then after the event I would sit on the laptop for a few hours and continue the story, wash and repeat for the week 14 hour days not fun!!! (Detroit auto show, no not weddings those don't pay well) I don't have time for photoshop to sit around and render photo's need speed and memory for that.

I have pretty much giving up on the photo gig as well do some small jobs here and there but it better pay well otherwise it's not worth my time...But when this laptop dies I will replace it with another top of the line gaming laptop, that's how I feel about it....

At your age i'm sure you have watched a bunch of sailing youtubers not one I can think of has a desktop, maybe they are on to something?

Really enjoy your time there's always time to make more money if your running low....

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