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Re: Custom Built On-board PC / Boatputer Advice

Originally Posted by snokid View Post
32 gb ram not much on cpu video also not great, but I agree less power needs than a laptop....

I do envy you 36 and going on a partial retirement.


Don't envy me too much... my theme song is Garth Brooks - Much Too Young. I'm probably going to die before 60 and I'm only half joking. lol

Anyway, all good points! And I get why a lot of folks especially in the videography industry need a beefier machine. Like you said, I don't need anything insane to support the couple of business websites, databases and mobile apps people have purchased from me / pay me to support etc. I really am liking the NUC idea.

To answer your question. No, not really - I owned a Catalina 27, sailed it in Yaquina and just sold it. Biggest boat sailed was a J30 and it was just on lakes. My broker tries to convince me I should jump to a Catalina 34 or something and get experience first. Got 2 kids and a wife. Just not enough living space. Honestly, the idea of piloting something 40 - 50ft doesn't bother me. I've driven things almost twice that length in horrid conditions.

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Trust me, unless you are buying a million dollar gold plater and have the [B]big[B] bucks rolling in every month, you are probably going to be plenty busy learning the skills it takes to keep a family cruising boat going. Incompetence is the watchword for the majority of the yacht/boat maintenance and repair people, and if you can afford the good ones (once you have found them), you still have to get slotted into their busy schedule.

So anyway, un-busy? One can only hope. lol

I'm sure you're 100% correct. And, ya our budget isn't going to include things like paying for oil changes, or installation of standing / running rigging, fixing a porthole leak, installing new equipment, replacing or rebuilding a pump - hell I've rebuilt pumps before. Even things like a cutlass bearing, I think I could do myself. I'd pay for bottom paint/repair. I've done my own auto maintenance and my main vehicle has been a diesel truck for the last few years. I've replaced almost everything on my diesel truck including injectors myself - so i should be good here. I guess what you're saying though is these things break especially when you actually sail and aren't just sitting in a marina. I'm rethinking the built myself idea and thinking I'll find the NUC I want and buy 2 of them. ie. giving myself another project of PC tinkering might be more or less, not a great idea.

We are trying to buy a more recently cruised boat that was meticulously maintained to at least give us a head start. Originally we were set on grabbing something like a Valiant 40 and knowing it was a bit of project boat. I was on that Gold Wave last week... man she seemed pretty pristine!

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