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Re: Sailing video bloggers getting a bit too dramatic?

"and promised a new dramatic video of what happened."
Clickbait SELLS. Fortunately, YoRube! still allows you to unsubscribe and thumb-down the stuff you don't like. Just think of it like the midway at a carnival: Everyone knows the games are rigged. Everyone knows the sights on the shooting range are bent and the pellets a bit deformed. But, that's the way the game is played.
Who is to say which is more ridiculous: A Picasso for $56 million that can be reproduced quite nicely for $500 by a starving Chinese art factory worker? Or a black velvet Elvis for $49.95 in the local secondhand store?

I guess the next step would be to totally stage a forged-and-scripted hoax channel of some kind. Complete with animatronic giant kraken attacking boat, or marauding polar bears on the ice floes.

"That's entertainment!"

(Oh, and PT Barnum wrote some excellent books on the subject.)
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