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Re: Sailing video bloggers getting a bit too dramatic?

The old model for "authors" (would-be writers or photogs) used to be, do your work, unpaid, then shop it around to every publisher (there used to be dozens) until someone paid you a nickel per word--just once and bought the exclusive rights worldwide in perpetuity. And if their readers sent in enough feedback, sometimes the editors would actually solicit your work and raise that to a dime a word with more generous terms.

Then in the 80's more folks started to make money telling authors how to self-publish with so-called desktop publishing. Then came the web and advertisers on blogs, and now?

So what? Instead of spending days crafting an article, or thousands of dollars on camera lenses and a darkroom, and speculating on whether someone might deign to buy your work (and keep most of the profit from it) the same would-be folks can speculate for themselves, throw anything against the wall and see if it sticks. And get instant and ongoing payments from the folks who like it and "buy" it, forever after. (Of course the publishers still make the lions' share from the ad revenue that THEY keep forever ater.)

But really, who cares? Folks want to create whatever they want, they post it freely...It is't like Gargoyle and other evil empires, that bombard you with their offerings. Don't like the show? Change the channel.

There have always been authors that readers don't follow. BFD.
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