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Re: Mirage 27 (Perry design) - rudder repair

Has anyone tried to drop the rudder with an emergency tiller attachment at the top of the shaft? I have to straighten my shaft and repair some cracks this winter and need to take it off the boat for the first time. i have wheel steering too, so I guess the process would be

1. support rudder
2. Loosen steering wires ( not sure if there are any tricks for this)
3. Disconnect Quadrant ( I think this is just screwed together, correct?)
4. Take off the Emergency tiller adaptor (not sure where the bolts/screws are for this)
5. remove support and drop rudder

If anyone has any tips details they could share, I would surely appreciate them.

I'll try to remember to take photos and post them after I have done this



Originally Posted by Koinonia M27 323 View Post
am in process of doing that this winter. Mine is wheel steering, does not have a emerg tiller connection. To drop rudder, disconnect quadrant, place support under rudder before unbolting rudder post at top near transom. Then unbolt at transom then drop rudder after removing supports. May have to dig hole under rudder to get it out if too short to the ground. Then i would dry for a couple of weeks, then drill and fill, then glass several layers over crack, see youtube videos. Small layer first, make wider layers, extend to about 4" down either side to reinforce, let dry and sand and paint. Good to go for next summer.
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