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Re: Not Getting the All-Chain Thing

Originally Posted by Arcb View Post

Okay, so help me to understand my imaginary scenario. We have changed locations, correct? I am no longer on the ICW, I am now on the Mississippi. 40 foot keel boat that is maneuverable enough to swing itself stern first into the current around a mooring in a 5 knot current is dragging anchor in 30 feet of water with exactly 30 feet of chain out. My windlass is jammed at the chain rope splice. If I put my engine in gear, my 30 feet of chain and anchor will be instantly sucked into the propeller of my 40 foot boat. Is that before or after it wraps around my keel? The sandbar is still a quarter of a mile behind me. I assume from reading how you like to keep your scenarios realistic, this isn't a gradual decrease in depth but this will be an abrupt sand bar ledge. Is that correct? Will the current that is 5 knots in 30 feet of water still be travelling at 5 knots when it hits the sandbar? I am picturing a large haystack and significant amount of white water as the river passes over the sand bar ledge. Is that correct?

I am curious how the facts in your imaginary scenario are going to change in your next response. Will there be unicorns and care bears for crew?

Also, while you are researching your next post from questionable sources on the internet, can you provide me with a link to a reputable source that says it's not possible to put a few revs on an engine to take the strain off a dragging anchor? Something other than your experience would be nice.

I do enjoy reading some good fantasy while I drink my morning coffee.
Your specific words were "hold zero speed over ground in 5 knot current". If you are holding zero speed in 5 mph current, yes your free anchor and line will be dragged under your boat.

BTW I specifically used the speed of 5 mph, not 5 knots.

Now you can rattle on and on about the details. But this is what you said.

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