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Re: Large Blister on Oday 31 Rudder

Originally Posted by eherlihy View Post
So I heard back from Bob Walker;

While he is not unequivocally stating that it will dissolve the core of the rudder in my '87 O'day, he is curious enough about the effect that he would like to dissect the rudder. This is not an endorsement of antifreeze. I will, therefore, remove it. I would love for Bob to perform his dissection for free... but I'm guessing that won't be happening.

By the way @boatpoker , I looked at your website and was surprised to find at least one unattributed picture that I took of my boat with the following prequel; "the resolution of some of these photos is not very good as I cut and paste them from my survey reports"
The picture in question is this one:
This is not your picture, you did not take it (and I hope that you have not used it in your surveys) but you are presenting it as your own and using it to generate business. This is not the first time that I have pointed this out to you, although I wasn't aware it was on your website at that time. Please remove it from your website.

Editing to add that I will remove the above when the picture goes away.
Thank you for pointing that out. There are over 3,000 photos on my website, it gets a little hard to track sometimes. You found 1 of 2 that were not attributed. I have corrected the issue.

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