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Re: Towing and being towed

Apologize for posting twice in a row, but I thought of something that might be useful.

There are a couple of hand signals that might be universally recognized by sailors, whether they be Taiwanese fishermen, USN or your local tow boat company.

If you want less tow line, make a fist with your index finger pointed towards the sky. Make a circular motion with your index finger, this will indicate less tow line. Make the same gesture, but with the index finger pointed down and this will indicate you request more tow line. Hold your hand open, then close it in a tight fist, and this will indicate you are happy with the amount of tow line. If you want your buddy to cleat off a tow, you could make a syimbol with two close fists, where you cross your arms just towards the elbow from the wrists.
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