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Re: We should all help these poor ladies 🙄

I applaud Mr. Clean for trying. They are just talking nonsense babble. Don't try and listen to it, not with any hope of them making any sense.

He generally sums it up;They simply did not know how to sail, pilot, fix, or do anything.In fact, they are so wacked out and divorced from reality that this is the only thing that could happen. They are Rimas if he could just talk nonsense all day. So, it is Dunning-Kruger. They did not have the brains to know that they don't know. Even more than that, Appel is so ADD that every answer is an incomprehensible word salad. She thinks she is some type of expert on something, or everything. Thats why they put out a Pan- Pan call every day for 98 days. They were looking for someone to just help them get going, to wherever. I thought it was weird how happy they were when the Navy arrived and they had to know their boat was gone. But they were more like little children excited about the attention from the uniforms and the big ship with numbers and flags and so forth. They were just in awe.

One thing that really strikes me, based on the current news ( Weinstein et al.) is how quickly and easily she accused the crew of the fishing boat that was towing her. That is scary. Mr. Clean is a brave man.

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