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Re: N28-2 factory AC wiring

Originally Posted by MitchK View Post
All, as I was going through the boat over the past several weeks, I discovered the AC wiring leaves a lot to be desired. So much so, I refuse to use it until I can get it re-wired properly. I had found the nut/bolt and tape splices up in the bow, but what I have discovered at the main breaker has me scratching my head. There are three wires coming from the shore power plug, but when they get to the factory push button breaker, they connect the common and ground together, and have the hot going to the breaker. I think this is not a good thing. Anyway, I have already ordered up some 12-3 marine wiring, and some 10-3 for the run from the shore power plug to where the new Paneltronics AC panel will be installed. I will also be ordering a galvanic isolator to help eliminate any ground currents. Fortunately, the N28-2's AC circuit needs are pretty minimal, so I am only installing a three circuit panel. Anyway, thought* the wiring issue might be something others might want to be on the lookout for.

You are absolutely correct ! ABYC E-11 Prohibits neutral / ground bonding on boats for a very good reason. Your AC ground and DC negative are (should be) bonded. Therefore joining the AC neutral and ground will introduce AC into your DC system. This is the cause of Electric Shock Drowning (just google it). Even working on your DC system on such a vessel can result in AC electrocution.

Nut/bolt tape splices are also contrary to the same standard.

If the builder has done things like this, what other stupidity have they perpetrated.

I suggest you have an electrical survey done by an ABYC Certified Marine Electrician.
or ...
PM me with your email address and I will respond with ta pdf. of the full ABYC E-11 electrical standard.

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