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Re: Drone for rigging inspections

I am an RC guy too (with airplanes, helis, quads, FPV, etc) and this is a pretty hot topic. I'm with the previous poster that these quads everywhere can be annoying. I understand them being used as a tool and I love the aerial video too.

Being in the hobby, we understand that using these things is often more than just firing them up and buzzing around taking video of everything. The irresponsible, ignorant and invasive use of these "drones" is what's catching the attention of the regulators like Transport Canada and the FAA to start slapping really restrictive laws on them. Even now, airspace regulators and fullsize pilots have drones in their sights, report everything they can't identify as a drone and have been filing report after report of unsubstantiated drone sightings with the bent that they pose a safety risk to the public...We all know where that path goes...

My advice is education. Learn how to fly them without the automatic gadgets, learn the safety, the risks, the operational limits and the laws. Trust me, you'd be doing us all a favour.

I also thought of doing rigging inspections, but like others have said it's pretty hard to beat a closeup view and a sense of touch.
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