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Re: How To Find Buyer's Broker in Florida

Originally Posted by contrarian View Post
A quick search on Yachtworld advanced search with the perimeters of: Gulf Coast Newer than 1990, 30-40 feet and a max price of 40k comes up with several candidates that I think match up with your requirements. A 1990 Catalina 34, a 1992 Hunter33.5, a 98 Catalina 32, a 2000 Catalina 310 and a 92 Endeavour cat if you are inclined that way. Each of which will have pluses and minuses. There are some newer Hunters but you stated that you wanted to easily single hand and about 1995 or so Hunter went off on this weird tangent of placing the primaries on the coach roof which I personally think is a totally retarded idea. Granted the sheeting angles are tighter but the first time I sailed on one, a 1999 310 with the first iteration of the traveler arch which I thought was a good idea, I couldn't figure out how you are supposed to tack the thing single handedly. They corrected this issue on the bigger boats starting around 2003 but those are going to be out of your stated price range. A good starting point would be the Catalina 320 in Long Boat key, look at the pictures closely and see if there is anything that stands out that might be a red flag. A buyers broker may spot it and then again he may not. ALL boats have issues, the more that you educate yourself on what those issues are and how to look for them the better off you will be. Take your time and enjoy the search. My family thought that I had turned boat shopping into a career.

HEY Maybe I should become a Buyers Broker :
Hah! Thanks a lot for looking into this! I have turned out about the same boats that you listed and you corroborate some of my friend's recs with regard to these boats.

What do you think of the Endeavour Cat? It looks pretty funny to me, and I must admit it strikes a cord (I'd like to get a nice cat long term). Otherwise, the Catalina 320 in Long Boat key was top of mind, indeed.
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