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Re: How To Find Buyer's Broker in Florida

Originally Posted by aybabtme View Post
I've done some sailing and a couple of courses. About 500nm and maybe 30 days total on a boat, longest being 10 days. I'm pretty new indeed, but I feel I've been doing as due-diligence as I can for this project. I feel that at some point, the next step is to dive in and do the jump.

Good points!

Ah yup! I was an infantryman for quite a bit in my life, and in some other parts of my life, lived in metal shacks in Asia. But I agree, definitely will be a challenge and have to keep in mind creature comfort.

I work from home/my laptop. For the last 1.5year, I've been living in my luggages, vagabonding around the world by plane. A boat will be more stability than what I currently have in my life. =P As long as I have some sort of internet signal every now and then, I'll be good work-wise.

I'm not quite sure how much all of these will be, to be honest. If you have numbers in mind, that'd be helpful. I'm thinking an extra 10-20k$ in overhead?

I can sail. Not the best out there, but I can get around.

Yeah, my idea is to try out live-aboard while minimizing how many eggs I put in this basket, in case I turn out to hate it. That's why I don't want to buy a 100k boat right off the bat.

Thanks, I'll have a look at that model! Wasn't on my radar. Unfortunately I'm too new here to post URLs, but I have a spreadsheet I've circulated with more knowledgable-than-me friends with the list of boats I want to look at.

Thanks a lot for your insight. Very useful feedback!
Infantry is hard core. I much preferred my air conditioned nuclear submarine.

10k should be more than enough unless you have to pay the marina up front

These Pearson boats switched from wood grain Formica interiors to real wood halfway through the 1980 model year.

From the listing this looks interesting with good gear and priced well.

1981 Pearson 365 Sail Boat For Sale -

1. Winthrop Warner 31 Yawl
2. Pearson 30
3. Pearson 424
4. Pearson 30
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