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Re: Strange AC voltage issue

Here is an update on the wiring issues I am encountering with my 1982 N-28-2. I apologize in advance for the long post, but I think it is important.
Well, it was a very interesting day working on the N28-2 AC wiring, and I had posted earlier that I was re-wiring the AC circuits. I have installed a new wire run from the shore power plug to the new breaker panel. Last weekend, I got the wiring run from the panel to the first outlet which is a GFCI that is wired so that it protects all the other outlets downstream. Anyway, today I was continuing with the wiring runs and outlet replacement. I got the wires run from the GFCI to the starboard outlet. Now on this outlet I had to re-use the existing wire as it appeared it was glassed in during construction, and I was not able to get it out. So, no problem, its a good grade of wire so I just ran the end of it to the junction box and made the splices. Ran the next segment of wire across the V berth to the second junction box where the wire will run up between the liner and hull. Got all that in place, and the port junction box installed. I was pretty much done with the wiring for the day, so I separated the hot wire from the rest at the end of the run and temporarily installed a wire nut to make it safe. I still had a few things to do, so I plugged a work light into the starboard V berth outlet, and it did not work. Took the light to the GFCI, and plugged it in, and it worked fine. So I unplugged the shore power from the boat and started trouble shooting the wiring. result of the investigation showed 120v between the hot wire and ground, but 0v between the hot wire and common. After a bit more investigating, the old wire from the starboard junction box to the outlet that I had not been able to remove was bad. No continuity between the two ends of the common (white) wire. So I started trying to figure out how I could get the wire out as it was stuck solidly. As I was following the wire with my hand to where it get covered over by a piece of fiberglass, I felt something odd. Stuck my head down in the storage compartment to try and see what I was feeling. There was a 1/4-20 bolt sticking out of the fiberglass and it appears it was sticking right through the wire. Turns out this bolt is one of the three bolts that holds the hanging locker on the starboard side to the rear of the V berth liner. After a bit of studying, I was able to get the bolt out. And guess what, the wire could now be moved. I attached a new piece of wire to the old so it would feed in as the old was removed. Got the wire out, and it was indeed bad. Best I can tell, this outlet never worked from day one. When they drilled the hole from inside the locker, they drilled right through the wire, completely severing the white wire, severely damaging the ground wire, and damaging the insulation on the hot wire. It looks and is really bad! I have attached some pictures showing the wiring damage. IF you have a N28-2, you may want to check the location of the bolt and wiring located under the starboard V-berth where the locker meets the V berth. You have to stick your arm down in and feel up until you locate the wire, then follow it up to where it gets covered by a thin layer of fiberglass. If you feel a bolt sticking out of the fiberglass cover, check the location of the wire and the bolt. A mirror would help in making this inspection. There are three bolts that are drilled through the locker wall and protrude into the v-berth storage compartment. The upper most one is the one you need to check. Anyway, here are the pictures. They speak for themselves.
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