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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

It's funny that this Oyster thread has become a mutlihull thread - but it's actually very fitting if you think about it. As to first-hand experience of the differences in sailing between the two from someone who knows very well, I was going to post these videos in my mutlihull thread before it was unceremoniously locked...for eternity it seems.

I don't think it can be any clearer than this...

Go to around 7:30 and you can see their shakedown cruise conditions and comments by Riley (this is their first real sail with this cat)...

...listen to his comments around 9:00 about the comparison of beating into 25 knots, and look at him and his comfort level and expression. Then continue on to Elayna cooking in these conditions. They talk about he grief they'll catch from chuckleheads about the knives "not being properly stowed"...yet the fruit bowl is perfectly settled.

They aren't even soiling their undies.

Then you have the following video where they talk about the feeling of sailing the cat for a week compared to their old mono at about 12:40...

"How comfortable you can arrive - not exhausted..."

There you go. From those who know. I just don't think there are any arguments left.
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