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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

Originally Posted by colemj View Post
This either needs some context or additional clarity. US production of sail catamarans are almost nil. Endeavor might still make one or two, and then there is Gemini and Mainecat with a single model each still current. Mainecat has only built a couple of their 38. While they would probably pull out the 41 and 30 molds for anyone who wanted one, I'm not aware of them having sold one in a while. After that, I'm only aware of bespoke builders in the US with very low production - single boats every couple of years.

So maybe I'm missing some US builders of quantity? Or maybe the few catamarans produced each year in the US does represent 20% of the domestic production - which would speak alarming volumes about US monohull production going down the tubes.

Those numbers are from the 2016 Sailing Market Report (which covered up to 2015). I don't know the full context - but at that point wasn't Alpha and Gunboat still going?

The numbers in the report show 36 units of 30'+ multis being built in the US (vs. 21 the previous year) with this notation...

*Multihulls represented 20% of overall domestic production in 2015 - one in five sailboats built in North America was a multihull
And there were 92 active US builders during that year (a year-over-year decrease from 139 in 2007) - and 70% of those have less than 25 employees.

I think your last point is right on. The domestic boat building market as of 2015 was completely in the toilet - with the only real bright spot being multis (and very small boats holding up). But with Alpha and Gunboat dropping, who knows what the current US multi market is doing now three years later?

That's all I've got right now at my fingertips. You can cross-check these various numbers in the report. I'm too lazy.
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