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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Pictures of the increasing plethora of production cats are of interest to many. To me of more interest is a critique of these offerings beyond simple aesthetics. Would also be quite interested in how to mathematically judge these offerings. Resistance to pitchpoling as is as much an issue as “flipping over”, measures of motion in trying conditions and like measurements hold interest. As interesting as they are may I suggest again they do not belong in this thread. Smack as a gentleman I ask you again rather than divert this thread please start another to pursue this interest of yours,mine and I think others. If it’s just a picture book I’ll glance at it. If substantive I’ll follow it closely just like Paulo’s.
To date I think I can summarize your contribution to the OP as “cats have an increasing market share. This hurt Oyster. Here’s a bunch of pics of cats I like”.
Your point is made. Move on.
I think your point is wrong. Oyster moved away from the under 50’ market long ago. Those buying the boats in your pictures haven’t been the target buyer for Oyster for some years now. Those boats are in the 1/2 to 1 m range. Oysters market is in multiples of that amount. Perhaps those looking in the 1 to 2 m range were a very small segment of targeted Oyster buyers but I seriously doubt that had anything to do with their closure.
So regardless if one accepts your premise or not the pictures add little or nothing to THIS thread. A thread about multis would be fun. Go for it.
Out, if the mods want to move the discussion Mark and I are having to another thread that's fine with me. I tried to start one specific to multis and it was closed. So don't blame me.

I'm not starting anymore threads here on ComplainNet. I'm done with that. I'm just talking with others about things that interest me as the flow goes.

Your mention about pitchpoling is a good one. I have read a couple of stories about that and vaguely remember one that went over in the Bay of Biscay. I'll see if I can find that story.

The bottom line from what I recall is that you have to treat cats very differently in terms of speed control. For example, AWS is a critical factor - where it's not nearly as much on cruising monos. That's been one of the great things about following the SLV folks. Watching them explain those differences (after having them explained to them by Outremer).

And surfing is far more sketchy on multis - so speed control is far more critical in big conditions from what I've heard. Again, Mark can give much more detail here, and I'd love that kind of info as well.

Here is a 50'er in a tropical storm off Madagascar...

Seems well under control to me.

But here is a Lagoon 52 in 50 knots near Ibiza. This appears to be a new boat to this couple and to my eye they are seriously overpower/overspeeding as their bows are digging in (around 3:30)...

..and you can see that they even start stuffing the bows into the backs of waves in front of them. Not surprising when you see the max speed of 27.2 knots. That's not a controlled boat in my view.

I would seriously be looking at how to slow this boat in these conditions with a drogue or whatever it took. But again, I have no experience sailing these things, so I'm just looking, listening, and learning from those who know.
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