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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

So I have an honest question for you multi-guys, which I'll setup with a Disclaimer and my specific limited cat experiences:

Anyone who wants to sail anything, i'm on your side. To me, the argument over who's form of fun is better than they other guys fun for an absolutely unnecessary frivolous activity like sailing is, well, a debate for people who apparently aren't getting enough conflict in their lives. The real question is will anybody be left sailing anything 50 years from now, or will they all be sitting in their living rooms wearing VR googles and getting pizza delivery by drone, while arguing about what VR experience is better than another on social media .

So, with that disclaimer, I'll undo my own argument by stepping into the fray:

Is my perception wrong about cruising cats? I've only chartered them twice, once in Belize and once in the BVI. I found that even when I was going 8 knots, I felt like I was sailing my dock. I had to look at the water rushing by or I'd think I was still tied up. It just didn't do it for me. That said, anchored up with my friends, it was a wicked good party platform and comfortable living. Not to mention, didn't even need to put my beer in a holder underway.

At the other end of the spectrum, I really enjoyed when I was younger getting out on the trapeze on a Hobie 16. What a blast. Yea, I read smack and others experienced pitch poles, and yea I did too. As a teen ager swinging up in the air when a hull went in was exciting. Gotta get your weight aft when a hull flies and it really goes.

So the question is, are their cruising cats that aren't like sailing your dock? More like the Hobie, a bit more civilized, without turning into a barge with a mast on it? That might interest me. Anyplace I can charter one?
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