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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I would love to have a balanced discussion. I think the difference in my mind is that, as I said above, I don't expect ANY boat to be "safe" in a hurricane or a tornado strike. Those situations are far beyond the envelope for cruising.
How do you avoid tornadoes when you are cruising? Even in relatively tame (weather-wise) Maryland we have tornadoes all the time. I would imagine they are more common in Florida and the Gulf. Case in point: summer before last when I was coming up the Bay (cruising!), the weather started to look pretty threatening and I was pondering if I should hunker down for a bit in the Severn River. Well, the decision was made for me when the CG came up on 16 with a tornado warning (not watch) for -- tadaa-- the Severn River!

I stayed in the middle of the Bay and things went well, never saw the tornado though A LOT of wind, thunder and lightning. I certainly don't want to get hit by a tornado at any time and I would expect very severe damage to my boat including dismasting. But I do not expect that it flips upside down (and stays there) or sinks. And you consider this normal for a catamaran, and that at anchor, with no sails up?

So, my point is, a boat for which encountering a tornado is "far beyond the envelope" is by definition not a boat for cruising.
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