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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

How are you 2 saying I am stuck on APs. Somebody posted a vid of a big cruising cat surfing at 27 knots and I made one post basically saying I thought it would be foolish to leave that boat doing those speeds with an auto pilot in complete control of the boat. Then you two responded with pages of posts trying to prove me wrong, and it isnt working. I still think its foolish.

I disagree that a big cat wont broach. There are physics at play here and those physics dont necessarily point to a 60 000 lb boat doing a stern over bow somersault down a wave front. When the bow stuffs it stops, the inertia in the 60000 lb boat wants to keep going, gavity wants the stern to stay down so that inertia could result in a horizontal rotation instead of a vertical rotation, thus resulting in a broach.

I know this isnt painting a very pretty picture of some of the challenges that can be faced by some boats in heavy weather, but its how it is. In conditions like that it really is a good idea to slow the boat down. Failing slowing the boat down, at least try to keep her under control, you do that in part by steering, not all, but some broaches can be recovered from, but not generally by an autopilot.
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