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Re: Multihull Popularity and Interesting Designs

Originally Posted by colemj View Post
Geez, I thought all along I was attempting to share my knowledge and experience. I have responded to most posts, attempting to provide these aspects, but some of your posts were pretty dense with inaccuracies and unexamined biases that it would just take way too much effort to untangle them and put all of the individual points in perspective with knowledge and experience. If you care to bring forth more concise topics in a more open manner, I'd be happy to contribute.

I do attempt to respond to single issues, or posts with just a couple of issues, and I won't wade into intentional trolling threads, or topics I see as just picking fights. I differ from some here in this way.

AFAIK, fixed keels are a very recent thing with Chris White, and only exist on the one model. All previous designs have been daggerboards, and Chris White has been a daggerboard advocate since he started. Please don't take this the wrong way, but this is just a small example of how you are running with "knowledge" that you don't really have. This is why I urged you to do some more research before posting in such absolute terms, and even provided references to current production boat designers.

If you are interested in some perspective on daggerboards and LAR keels, Tony Grainger and Eric LeRouge built boats with each, and have some thoughts as to the tradeoffs:
Erik Lerouge


Chris White has been using fixed keels in conjunction with daggerboards for years.

A great picture of the Atlantic 57 Anna during spring cleaning!

And Resolute, an Atlantic 48.
He also has a 54 design with keels that was built in 1994.

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