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Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?

Thanx Jeff... I have read through many of the threads here and elsewhere on the Caliber line... about issues and compromises, and where they got it right and for me at least, all in all they have many features I feel are exactly what I am looking for. I am so damn sorry they are out of business.
Every time I list the features I feel would combine to make a truly safe and seaworthy world cruising bluewater boat, it seems the "cost" to build such a boat would push it out of the realm of affordability.
I think we agree that ALL sailboats are made up of compromises, features vs costs, and I know the Cal line has some, but it came so close to ticking off so many of the feature I felt are so valuable... Darn it! I finally find a yacht maker who I would be seriously willing consider ordering a new boat from (and believe me I do NOT want to buy a new boat, period) and they are gone.
Anyhoo... I also feel they do kinda owe it to us to update their site and let people know that they are no longer in production.
Thanx again... JD =/|)=

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